Asics focused on new consumer oriented digital solutions

2021-05-16 23:12

The Japanese-based sportswear brand has partnered with SessionCam, a Glassbox company, which provides digital experience analytics for web applications. The aim is to increase online traffic, sales, and customer retention.

The partnership between Asics and SessionCam follows a successful three-month pilot programme. In the trial, SessionCam provided customisation options with regard to exporting data, setting variables, and integrating with Google Analytics, that allowed for quick segmentation of data, providing Asics with insights. This enabled Asics to "respond to site disruptions and ensure personalized, seamless customer journeys". According to both partners, the data analysis also minimized the time to add improvements to the pipeline.

SessionCam’s solutions will enable Asics to "anticipate and understand their customers’ needs through real-time analytics and decision-making heat maps": “SessionCam’s innovative technologies will ensure that Asics is able to offer personalized, uninterrupted and fulfilling journeys. SessionCam has already equipped our teams with an enhanced understanding of the traffic to our online sites, providing easily accessible data to enhance our digital operations. We are looking forward to deepening this relationship and further enhancing the service we provide to our customers”, commented Rick Hoving, Senior Site Operations Manager of Asics.